Facial Cupping

blue 4 piece facial hijama cupping set in box

Facial cupping is an alternative therapy which uses suction cups made of glass or silicone to stimulate your skin. Celebrities have been seen indulging in facial cupping in recent years. This has made facial cupping one of the most popular beauty procedures. In this blog you will discover what exactly facial cupping is and the long term benefits it can do for your skin.  

What is Facial Cupping?

At ProMed our Facial Cupping set can be used to stimulate the skin and muscles. In addition the effects can increase your overall skin health and has been known to tighten and tone your skin. The facial cups work like a vacuum, sucking on your skin causing the blood to rush to the skin’s surface. Therefore, increasing the blood flow to the area of the skin underneath the cup, promoting the formation of new blood vessels in your skin.

The suction from our facial cups allows the release of fascia adhesions of the multiple layers of the skin which is a fantastic way to improve the lymphatic and energetic flow in your skin. Essentially smoothing the features in your skin and improving your complexion.

What are the benefits?

Anyone who has facial cupping treatments knows the strange (in a good way) soothing sensation of the cup gliding across their skin. This treatment has the ability to stimulate the collagen and fibroblast production in the skin. This essential mean’s it’s great if you have noticed visible signs of aging that are a concern. It also aids in lymphatic drainage which results in less swelling. Majority of people enjoy facial cupping as it brightens then skin as well as minimise the appearance of scars, fine lines and been known to help with acne. How you may ask? Well with facial cupping you’ll increase circulation and promote lymphatic drainage while encouraging the skin to detoxify. Additionally, reducing the heat and inflammation tied to acne.

There are several benefits to using our cupping set, some of these benefits you may not notice straight away. Taking before and after pictures will help you identify the areas of your skin that have improved.

Will our facial cups leave you with any bruises?

When the right amount of pressure is applied our facial cups should not causes any marks or bruises. To ensure you use our facial cups correctly, there are various videos online that can educate you on how to use our cups effectively. If you have recently saw you favourite celebrities with cupping marks on their backs, so it’s totally understandable you’d worry that these same marks would appear on your face. However, that isn’t the case.

Overall, when using the right techniques, and there can be all sorts of facial benefits. For one, stimulating your skin’s natural healing processes. You can experience all these benefits with our facial cupping set, all without leaving a mark.   

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